A Walkthrough

Vers. 1.9 (engl. Version 1.0)

from Sickboxx


Indeed, CDV brought us with Lula 3d an adventure. Not a very complex one butwith our beloved babe 3d after all.

Please have the old adventure wisdom in your mind: take all, ask all, look at all... if something about the situation changed: go and ask, look, take everything again...or at least try to do so.

At first, we are finding Lula in her element. Filming some hot scenes on here movie set, right in the back yard of her mansion. But after the first take is done, she noticed, that her three actors, the tripltes, and a cameraman can't be seen on the set.
A search starts, that will bring Lula more action, new friends, even more newer enemies and riddles than on any other day of her life.

Lula, the charakter that is controlled by the player, can be moved around with the movement-keys, and look around with the mouse. The Movement-Key can be setup in the option menue. The mouse is the tool for conversations and actions too.

Sort of Games
Even that Lula 3d is an adventure, there are some easy to mid-heavy First-Person-Shooting sequences. A short guid for that, you can find in this walkthrough.

Technical hints:
Lula 3d it unfortunately not a perfect game. It is possible that the game chrashes or that charakters don't move anymore (happens rarley)...or both at the same time.
So my tip is: Save your game constantly once in a while. Especially after the shooting-games. There is no limit for save games in Lula3d, and you can name them like you want, so don't be shy.

The Walkthrough:

The Walkthrough with these categories




- finde the triplet rooms
- finde the video tapes
- call Spandau
- tell Brian what has happend

Action - in order

- talk with Brian about the missing triplets, Spandau and the movie produktion

Brian is worried about the disappearing of the triplets and the cameraman Spandau. He tells Lula to do everything she can, so the shooting can go on.

- visit the room of the triplets

The room looks terrible. Lula looks for the girls, but she can't finde them. The survailance camera is destroyed, but that doesn't mean that there is no tape. You can finde the key to the doormans house and a match book, the first clue, in this room.

- the "sleeping" room
Yes, in Lulas Villa there is a special room front of a camera...
Here, Lula can finde a vibrator and a bed, and a possibility to combine those two things. (movie sequence)

On the way back to brian, get the magazine "I want your juice, PART 2" . You can finde it on the little tabel, on the left side of the stairs on the first floor (if you go downstairs, otherwise the table would be on the right side). This magazine can help you later if you are out of coins.

- talk with Brian about the kidnapping

Lula tells Brian about the messy room.
Show him the match book from the "Wild Chicken Club". Now Lula has the choice to go for the triplets by herself, or talk to the police about it. Of course Lula is the boss, and she goes for it like on any other circumstances.

- Have a look at the videos in the doormans house! (2 tapes)

The small doormans house is not only the place for the survailance equipment of Lulas mansion, no, here Lula can finde a knocked out, but not dead, guard. On the ground, Lula can finde a video cable and two video tapes. Connect the video cabel and the videoplayer and you should be able to watch the tapes.
No doubt,it is a real kidnapping.

- Talk with Brian about it

Lula tells Brain what she saw on the tapes, the car is licensed in San Francisco... Brian rememberes, that Spandau is from San Fran too. Lula has to call him, but neither Brian nor Lula knows the number.
Lula is searching again...

- Calling Spandau
If you ask Brian two times for advice, He says that Lula should go and ask the actors about the number, at least one of them should have it. Lula can try to figure the number out by her self, but she can't remember the exact number...

Lisa Luju, she is lying beside of the pool in the sun, knows the number of Spandau 0690 69 69 69 69. Plus, you can "thank" Lisa Luju with the vibratore a little bit! (not suitable for kids)

If you are by the pool, get your hands on Lulas cell phone, it has no cells, but that will come in handy later.

A jump into the pool is not only refreshing, it will lead to a nice little movie.
For that to happen, go to the stairs, that lead into the water, a text will appear "Luxus-Pool". Left mouse click like on a item...and, there you go, our little mermaid is swimming in the water.!

- Call Spandau two time, - leave him an angry message on his answering machine.
Lula is angry, she decides to search for the triplets...and for Spandau by herself!

- Tell Brian about the telephone call
He is not enthusiastic about it, but he knows Lula, she is unstoppable...if she wasn't she wouldn't live in this mansion!

- Find the keys for Lulas car
Lula jumps into her car, but she has no idea where the keys are.

Lula don't want to walk... so... If you want to know what is going on, ask the humping couple about it... they refer to the showering lesbians. Lula can finde them in the bath of the mansion.

- ask the lesbians under the shower
They tell Lula, that they brought the keys back to Brian.

- ask Brian about the keys
Lula should give him a seriouse spanking!
Finally, Lula got the keysl...and the Roadtrip with Dusty, her dog, can begin.



Find Spandaus's Loft
Find the key to Spandaus's Loft
Bring Hamett the right kind of Alohol
Take a look into Spandau's flat

Tenement Spandau
You can find the house in the second street from the right, if you stand in front of the Wild Chicken Club.
The door is closed, ringing the bell will not help.

To talk to the two hitman will not open the door for Lula.

In front of the Wild Chicken Club

Talk to Kikky behinde the ticket window at first. But there is now straight way into the club for Lula.
In front of the Wild Chicken Club, talk with the two girls (Marilyn and Sarah) and about their jobs. Ask for help to get into the club. But Sarah needs proof for a crime at first.

Go into the alley with the black van, open its doors and you will find an earring , that belonged to one of the triplets.

Show this earring to Sarah (the Girl in the red dress) and proof to her, that something is wrong! They are planning to go and have some coffee.!

Phillip's Coffeeshop
It is settled in the street left from the liquor shop, behind the curve.

Go ask the two girls if you can borrow their club ID..
Marilyn says no, Sarah wants something to drink first.
Order the drinks by Phil, the Barkeeper.
Phil has something to say too. The black van belongs to Spandau!

Sarah lends you her club ID!
Lula says Good Bye to the girls!

You could take the chilly sauce (on the tabel by the busy couple) you will need it in the club.



You can find matching cells for your phone on the desk in here.
You can take the DVD "1000 and 1 night in SanFran!" with you.

Back enterance Wild Chicken

Talk with the old bum about all topics
Leave him alone for a moment.

Go and ask Hank, the door man, about his job and everything.
You can show him the Club ID, but the man is not as stupid as he looks. The girl on the photo ID looks different.

Now back to the bum, talk about liquorice and about Lorna, his ex-wife!

Spandau's T
enement Part 2
When the bum starts to talk about Lorna, the door to Spandau's tenement is open.

Go in there, up the stairs, and finde Spandau's flat....locked!
You can hear cats miaowing.

Hamett's flat
One floor higher, you can find Hamett's flat, a photographer.
Hemett drank to much for sure...and if Lula can't find some more booze for him, she will not be able to talk to him.

Take the empty bottle and the photo of the woman from the tabel.
Take a look at the black wig, on the table, on the right side of the photo session corner, and wear it.
You can take the dirty magazine on the floor by the bed with you.

If you go upstairs all the way, you can have a peek through the window of a door...watching a humping couple.

Now go back on the streets.

Back enterance Wild Chicken Part 2
Talk to the bum again and give the photo of Lorna to him!
Now you can take the liquorice!

Willy's Liquor-Store
Talk about every topic.
Show him the empty bottle.
Give him the liquorice! (for the Salmiak taste of the special drink)
You will get the special drink..

Hemett's Flat Part 2
Now you can refill the empty glass of the misunderstood artist.
There is a big conversation about art now, till Lula gets the idea for a photo-session.

Now Hemett has more trust in Lula, he will give her the keys to Spandaus apartment, to feed the cats.

Spandaus Flat
You can try to pet the cat, you will see the key...but you can't catch it.
Go to the computer, listen to the answering machine .
The bed is big and let use the vibrator with the bed!!!
Go to the cupboard, open it and find some cat food.
Put the cat food in the bowl.
Now you can get the key from the cat collar.
The key will open the the metall locker by the enterance door..
In the left one, there is a camera-akku (power-cell) and an old letter, take both of it with you. Read the letter. In the right side of the locker, there is a camera and a video-tape.
Put the akku (power cell) in the camera, than the video. Watch the movie!

Lula gets mad about Spandaus betrayal!

Lula has to phone Brian now, if she has her phone with her....and the matching power cells. If not, she has to look out for another phone.

Telephonbox on the steet
Right next to the man in the trenchcoat and the street girl, Lula will find a ringing phone. Take that call, give a wet dream, but don't forge to call Brian afterwards.


- Step in for Sarah
- Go up the stairs ... get rid of the guard.

Lula arrived in the club, finally. But the guests can't give her a clue. The upper rooms could be interesting. But there is a bully guard in Lulas way...he orders Lula to do her work.

Step in for Sarah

The Barkeeper is very rude to Lula...she doesn't like that.
She brings him a damn dirt glass.Simply go to the sitting couple, take the empty glass and bring it to the barkeeper. To get it washed with hot water...

Talk to Heide from the dancing pole...
Talk to the waitress...

Talk to Davis, the bully by the stairs, again.
- he wants to see Lula dancing around the pole (who not).
- Lula, the clever girl, sees a possibility to lurk him away from the stairs....she suggests, that he shoud take a brake and watch the show. But Davis orders her to dance without him watching.

...weired guy...if he don't want to see Lula dancing, he will never do!
Lula goes to the dancing stage...and dances.
Another nice movie with Lula.

By this little fooling arround the pole, Lula got an idea how to play a trick to the barkeeper.

- Lula pours some Chili Sauce in the Grog of the barkeeper (the cup on the bar)

The barkeeper will run and visit the next bathroom.

- Lula goes behind the bar, puts the immersion heater into the washing water, to make it hot and steamy.

The barkeeper comes back, still a little bit pale.

- Lula gives him another collected dirty galss, ready to get washed with hot water.

A loud scream rooms the club, even the guard by the stairs comes down to look what it is about.
The good thing is, he stays at the bar, watches the show.!


The upper rooms in the Wild Chicken Club

Office of the Boss, Stanley

The stairs are now free for Lula, and she visits the first room on the right, some wild moaning can be heard... but it is not a triplet...just another humping couple.

Go left by the statue, than go right into the long hallway. Lula can see two doors on the right side.

The first door lead to Stanley, the boss, the second door leads to an old bathroom. You can finde a cell phone in there, and a switch box. If Lula operates the button in the switch box, you will see the dress of Marilyn flying away, blasted off by a too strong air draft... Damn another Marilyn Monroe Model gone....

Go to Stanleys door, open listen to an important conversation. As soon it is over, go back in the bathroom.

After that, go once again to the door, listen to an important telephone call... and hide again in the bathroom.

The fat Stanley leaves the office and goes downstairs, after he had hidden something in the big statue.

Lula slips into the office, looks arround, and takes the indexcard about Ms. Schreibe with her.

Back to the stairs, take a look at the big statue and take the key for the "moan-room" with you.

Now you can watch the conversation between Davis, SPANDAU and the Boss Stanley.

The moaning room calls for Lula and with the key she found, she is able to open the door....and finding herself right in the middle of a SM-Session.

Like expected, the Domina is so in rage , she tolerates no one by her side.

Leave the Lady alone, but not for long. You can try to go downstairs and to leave the club, but at the end of the stairs, Hank is waiting. He has the order that no one can leave the club. So, the way is blocked.

Lula craves for chains, to bind that guy to the stairs...of course. That means, back to the SM-Room. On the way to it, Lulas eyes are wandering over the table, on top of it, Lula can finde a time card, that belongs to the Domina. Lula sees, that the work shift is allready, with that information, go back into the SM-room.

Now it is time, that Lula becomes a hard ass. Susan Dikes, the domina, is so intimidated that she leaves the room and calls it a day.

Now, Lula can let out her Boss-Tick. Lula is even harder than we thought, she grabs the frying pan, that hangs between the wipps and works the senator with it. After a deep interview of course.

After the senator is "put to sleep", Lula is able to grab the left pair of handcuffs.

Now you can chain Hank to the stairs and Lula can escape from the club. Ready to go on with her roadtrip.


- relax
- drink some coffee...allways good
- drive to Las Vegas

The Cosmo Dinner is closed, unusual but true.

Talk to the girl in front of the office of Joey's Motel

Talk to Anton in the motel office, he will tell you, that the driver of the black van is really taking a breake at the motel here.

Lula findes the black van parking between the two motel-blocks. She has to stop that car from following her to Ms.Schreiber. But that is not possible right now.

The motel is good booked, you can see that by the three humping couples, you can watch them if you look through the windows.

Lula is still on the search for something HOT...STEAMY...STRONG...POTENT...a coffee

Thank God, the Gas-Station is still open.

- Lula talks to Ben A.F. the gas jokey --> funny
- Lula wants to be friendly and show him something "nice".
- Ben A.F. runs away...loses his knife, take it
- Now, Lula can cut one of the tires of the black van

++Now the first Shooting-Gamel++++

It is some sort of Shooter...with TAKING-COVER and throwing knifes

After deveating Mike, Lula has no reason to stay. She runs to her car, but she can't finde the car keys again....she tries to enter the dinner, that is open now .

Lula meets a friend for life ...and for the bed, Gina, which just robbed the Cosmo dinner.

The road trip turns into a road rage...because the dinner robbery was noticed well. Soon the police is right behind them.

In the ruins of a ghost town, the shoot-out is setteled.

+++ The next shooting game+++
Lula and Gina escape and try to hide in the big city Las Vegas.


- Find Ms. Schreiber
- talk to Mr. Wong
- talk Ms Schreiber into leaving the town

Lula drops Gina off, Gina kisses her goodbye.

If you look arround, you can find "Mr Wong's Photo Quick", but it is closed right now.

In the multi-storey car park, on the highest level, you can meet a humping couple.

Lula doesn't know Ms. Schreibers house number.
But Lula findes it anyway. Simply go left (from the car) turn into the big street and go to the house with the curtains on the window and the balcony No. 31.

Lula rings, but Ms. Schreibe is almost deaf... you will need something to throw against her window. (What happend to the megaphone, that you picked up at Lulas mansion? It probably sliped out of Lulas bra during the shoot out with the police.)

What ever, go into the alley between the house No. 26 and the Fine Cigar Store. There, by the container, you will find ready to throw tomatoes in a barrel.

Now place Lula a little bit to the right side of the stairs, on the main street, till you get the choice to throw the tomatoes against the windows.

+++Tomatoes Throwing Game+++
Target: the window has to break.

Just target the point above the window, where the two kinds of walls meet. Than click an hold the left mouse button wait till it is by 100 % aaaaand FIRE.
After 5 hits, the window breaks and Ms. Schreiber comes on the balkony.

In Ms Schreibers house, there is a lot to see.:

- in the library (on the right from the main entrance ) find and take the photo of the western town (by the door frame to the kitchen)
- in the kitchen, in the fridge, Lula can finde a hearing aid, take will need it
- talk to Ms. Schreiber ...give here the hearing aid
- talk about the photo of the western town
- by the stairs to the attic, you can finde a photo of Mount Rushmore, take it and ask Ms. Schreiber about it. (two times)

The photo of Mount Rushmore has to be looked at from a professional. Mr. Wongs from the photo shop seems to be the right man for that job. If you didn't found out, that the photo-shop is close, you have to go there and do this now.

- ask Ms. Schreiber about the number of "Mr. Wongs Photo Store" multiple times - till you get the number of the shop for sure. Now you can call him. Use the phone that you can finde in the entrance corridor.

The photoshop is open now...but Mr. Wong isn't arround. He is sleeping in a lumber room, and nothing can wake him up!

Just use the little bell on the desk....THAN he will come....slowly...but steady!

But the good man can't see a thing on the photo, even not the photo itself...without his glasses.

To short this procedure...use the glasses yourself . Take out the picure from Mount Rushmore and use it on the glasses!!!

Now everything is clear... next destination Mount Rushmore.

...the black Van is waiting in front of Ms. Schreibers house already...but with some help, Lula is able to save Ms. Schreiber from the gangsters. Gina is BACK!

...On the Road again...


Somewhere by the Mount Rushmore Monument, the first doll of the triplets has been hidden. Lula has to finde it.

The weather is bad, rainy and sadly.
Lula takes a look around the area..

There is a souvenir-shop and a lot of broken binoculars. One of the two working ones, is straight in front of the shop.

On the big observation platform Lula can finde a humping couple. Even more in the back, the other working binocular can be discoverd.

Out of pure fun, ask the humping couple if they could help you...unsuspected, you will get a good tip how to go on with the game.

"Go and build a catapult ....or try to finde one!"

Old Ninja wisdom: You can't hit something what you didn't spotted earlier. So, you have to finde a way to look through one of those binoculars, but you need a 25 Cent coin for that

The NKA (National Kiosk Alliance) Kiosk

There is ...beside of a real character ...a 50-Cent-to-25-Cent money tin in the shop.

- Lula and Gina don't own a 50 cent coin right now, so you have to look for something that could be used as a 50 Cent coin. Finally, Dusty, Lulas dog, is usefull. His dog tag should do the trick... Throw the dog tag into the money tin...and you will get a 25 cent coin.

- as alternative, you can sell the magazine "Give me your juice! Part 2" to the kios owner Bräd P. (where to finde that magazine, I told you earlier).

- Now you can use the binoculares to have a close look at Mount Rushmore, you need to do this just one time. If you weren't able to follow the text, because you were something ;-) , you have to sell the porn magazin. (The second part, not the first one...the first one is worth nothing). But all Lula says is, that you need to finde a way to get the doll out of the nose of Jefferson.
You will see the doll, so near and jet so far away... the humping couple gave you a good tip already.
A detaild guidance for a catapult!
Inform Gina about it, but she has only some flat joke for you.

But where to take that kind of equipment. The thing behind the NKA Kios boy, Bräd P, that looks like a catapult. It is out of reach... but don't loose your hope!!!!

Forget about it for a moment, lets have a closer look at the binoculares by the big observation platform. One of them looks like if it could still work. But right after Lula touches the optic, the binocoulare falls out of the fixture. But wait, that fixture, that could be used for the catapult. Now we need something to mount it

Now go and ask the kiosk owner about the catapult AGAIN!!!

Oh joy, He even is the chairman of the MT. Rushmore rifle club.
But he doesn't want to give it to Lula... the sarcastic Gina has no good idea...but a bad idea... lets check out that other car on the parking lot.
So just pull your knife out and got back to the parking lot. The trunk of the pink car is no big deal. ... Viola ... a catapult.

- mount the catapult to the fixture, than use the catapult ... God protect DUSTY!


+++MOUNT-RUSHMORE - Right on the 12!!!+++a Throwing game again+++

You have to hit the nose of Jefferson, the second president from the left, three times. Lula has 10 Dustys for each try. No panic, you can repeat this game es often as you like...or you can stand it!

The "percent"-o-meter

At the bottem, you can see the "percent"-o- meter again. This shows the strength of Lulas throw. Press the left mouse button, hold it down and wait to the moment, till the "percent"-o-meter shows 100 %, than let it go.

The cross hair

The cross hair is, like in the shooting games, moveable left, right, up and down. That gives you the possability to influence the direction and the hight of the throw..

In the level "Mount Rushmore" you have to throw Dusty, the dog, against the nose of a president. With 100 % power for best results.

The target aid

Out of the fog, slightly over Mount Rushmore, there is a reversed pink triangle. This aid shows the direction in which Lula has to shoot Dusty. BUT IT IS NOT THE POINT YOU SHOULD TARGET ON!


For best result, target on the lower corner of the pink triangle, than pull the cross hair ALL the way up, as far as it goes, than move it down again, just two/three millimeters (I guess screen resolution could influence this one)... by 100 % let it go....aaaand HIT... but practice makes the master.
A piece of paper can be a lot of help ( I use it myself) Just hold the edge over the vertical axis of the chross hair. So you can be sure that you still aiming in the middle of the triangle, while pulling the cross hair higher.

Here a picture that may be a help for this not so easy game.


Lilac is the max hight that you can reach with the cross hair.
Green is the optimal position by 100 % . Another little helper could be loud counting. Count down, in steps of 10, the Power beam. As some kind of loud countdown...6...7...8...9...10!!! And by 10 you let the left mouse button go.

Don't lose your patience!

At the end, the doll is yours. Take the doll from Dusty an show it to Gina.
Ginas advise Lula, that she should show the photo of the western town to the owner of the kiosk. But the guy is a drama queen and so Gina has to do this job.
...the road trip goes the western town!

After the very surrealistic arrival on the film set...Lula talks to David...for some time.


Lula talks to everyone, including the ape Jackson (what a gag). Gina doesn't like David.
A humping couple on the Saloon balustrade.

On the dusty road
On the left side, if you just left the Saloon, by the second shack, there is a tool box with a power cell screw driver (but you can't take it ...just for now) ... and in the shack there is another humping couple.
A little bit further, on the same side of the road, Lula can finde the old weapon store, the same that is on the photo of the western town. The Indian statue is no more, the film crew burnt it. But that isn't important.

Go along the street , follow the signs "Regisseur". So you can find the trailer of David Lymphs.
Wilde moaning from the inside. You can have a look inside of it through a window, but you can't see a humping couple.... weired.

Are the triplets in there?

Go back to the saloon, talk to the other members of the film crew. .
You should have a look at the old church...that is their advice.

Go an let Lula talk to the actors , the astronaut and the rodeogirl!
You will hear, that Dave has got a rifle in his trailer.

In the Rocket-Ship, there is a humping couple in it, but you can't see it.

- Let Lula visit the church, she can't go in there, but she can hear some noises that she makes her worry. Maybe those are the triplets.
- She needs some sort of tool now

Go to the tool box, and grab that power cell screw driver...
But the power cells are empty. Time to recharge it. Maybe the triplets are in pain.
In the Saloon, behind the bar, in the far right side, there is a power strip. There you can recharge the cells. The Tool Woman can now go to the church for the rescue.

But what a surprise, no triplets, but a humping couple... and what a couple... WHO would have thought that...

They are so busy ...they want to be alone... Dave gives Lula the keys to his trailer... to water the flowers..

In the trailer, Lula findes the two actors, the astronaut and the rodeo girl... and they are humping too... Lula is sick of she joins the couple... just for the rifle of course.

For that sweat, Lula can kill some time now. Show the rifle to Gina, she stands in front of the saloon again.
Lula shoots, and hits right in the bell...and the whole thing comes down...
Jackson the ape runs to the curch, he findes the second doll of the triplets in the rests of the bell.

Take the doll from the ape and show it to Gina.

A telephone call interrupts the triumph. One of the triplets, Chrissy, was able to flee from the gangsters. They decide to meet in Wet Rock (one of the locations of Lulas first Game "WET! The sexy Empire") .

...and again, the police cops arrive....on the dusty road, you can now watch a "Show" and someone will go "Down" for sure.

But again, Lula and Gina are able to escape and flee to the Wet Rock Hotel, where the girls are able to relax for a night. The next stop will be the Beauty Farm.
To bad, but you can not look around and do some sightseeing in Wet Rock ... but at least, Lula and Gina found a triplet....


The three girls want to enter the Beautyfarm...but the electric door doesn't seem to work right... Lula talks to Chrissy and Gina. She has to finde the fuse box.

- go on the porch to the right, finde the box and join a lonley wire with a lonley contactpole.

But the Tool Woman mixed it a little bit up...sort of....

The door is closing right in front of Lula.
Talk to Chrissy (the triplet) about it.

After a little conversation, go to the top of the stairs, now it is clear, somebody has to stand here, by the lantern, to trigger the motion tracker.

Chrissy is mad about Lula, because she spent the night with Gina instead of her... so Lula has to ask Gina if she could stand by the lantern.

This plan works. In the rooms of the beautyfarm, first thing to do, talk to the receptionist.

On the first floor, Lula can finde a locked operation room, behinde the moanin...for sure.
The rest of the triplets could be in greate danger.

A door further to the left, you can finde a doctor that tries to cure a patient with the method of humping. (humping couple).

The Operarion Room door is still closed, so Lula goes downstairs , to have a look at the pool, because the father of the triplets had shown some interest in it.
After the hot days...and the even hotter nights, Lula would enjoy a cool swim in the pool. After that, a refreshing shower...if you would like to see Lula doing that.

You can finde a closed locker, that belongs to Josh Dekker, the father of the triplets. Once again, Lula is on the hunt for tools.

Thank god, not only tools, she finds a jenitor right with some tools by his side.

You can talk with the man, but you will not get a single tool, not even a friendly word.

Lets talk to the arrogant Baroness of Wiltshire, such a person has to be punished.

Sneak behind her and pull on her bikini clasp.

The shocking view of the Baroness distracts the jenitor good enough so Lula can borrow a screw driver.

Now she is able to open the locker. HOSSA, the third doll. This finding has to be shown to the rest of the girls.

Both are not impresed by the message of Josh Dekker, but they tell Lula, that she should go upstairs again and have a look in the operation room.

Take the key from the key board from the wall behind the informaton desk.

Unpleasent surprise in the operation room.... old acquaintance and even older gansters awaiting the girls.

Lula falls into deep anaestetic

+++Now you have to complet 5 shooting-games in a row - anaestetic-dream-sequence+++

1. on the nightly streets of New Orleans- the sin promenades on the roads of the heart -
- take out 2 bad guys

2. Nightly back yard in New Orleans - in the dark corners, the evil awaits you-
- take out 2 dirty cops

3. On a nightly cemetery - everyone has some bodies, they want to hide-
- take out 2 bad guys and a skeleton cardboard figure

4. Swamp of crime
- take out 2 bad guys and a skeleton cardboard figure

5. swamp ship of crime
- take out Spandau, Stanley and a bad guy

**Hint** the skeleton cardboard figure has to be hit multiple times.

***TIP for the swamp ship ***
First, take the right ganster out , you can spot him through the grate of your boat. So you know when he leaves his cover.
Second, Stanley the
Always wait till they finished their shooting, than come out an place two good shots on the boss. (you just need one hit, than the enemy will take cover again...but sure is sure). The last one is
Again, wait till he has fired, come up ...and take him out.
The reason why I wrote, second Stanley, last Spandau is: You can spot the approach of Spandau more easiely than Stanley, because Stanley wears a green jacket and is surounded by green plants... so it is just easier for the eyes to see Spandau comming.

TIP -general-
If the fight against two enemies at the same time is to hard, just concentrated on one person... waiting for his appearance, waiting for his shots than come out of the cover and shoot at him.

The bad dream ends good at the end.

Dusty saves the day .
The triplets are reunited .
Lula takes Gina to her Villa and Dusty gets a new dog tag!

All's well that ends well!

Lets hope we will see more of Lula in 3D in the future !

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I hope this walkthrough is able to help a little bit...if help is needed.
In Lula 3d you can pick up a whole range of objects like DVDs, Magazines (beside of "Give me your juice Part 2" which is worth 25 Cent), pillows and so on. But they have no use or meaning in the game... if it is not so, just email me.

Specia THX to:
"EviL Inside" and "Adventurier " from the CDV-Lula3d-Forum. They helped me with a technical/logical problem! THX folks!

Have Fun with Lula 3d



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