Bazooka Sue was a game for PC from the year 1997. Starbyte made this funny adventure with one of the voluptuous heroine of all time.

If you ask yourself: "Hey, is that a pig tail and a pig snout on her???"
Yes, that is right. Bazooka Sue is a comic adventure, in a world, where animal-humanoids AND normal humans are running around.

In the game, Bazooka Sue is some sort of outlaw, a bad girl. She was on the run from the law (somthing wasn't right with her alcohol smuggling business), some redneck sheriff stopped her vor speeding, tried to get down on her... but not with Bazooka Sue, she escaped and landed in the little town called Swamp Rock.

Soon she knows, something isn't right in this town...and off she goes! In no time, she will be right in a story with monsters, cristal elephants, a mad scientist, a treasure and a whole bunch of crazy characters.